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Cubefield Game

If you were looking for an online game, a game that could really give you a hard time and challenge your limits, your search could end after landing on this page. Cubefield is one of the most challenging, interesting and addictive games. It has many levels in the process of different graphics modes. This game has millions of users and users love to play the game online.

Cubefield is a fun mini-game and you can play OB Games for free. You can play this game for free. On your computer, you can play this game with your mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard. On your mobile phone or tablet, you can play this game on touch screens by tapping or swiping. The game should fit on your screen.

Cubefield Game

In this game, you will control the automatic passage of a ship through the tangled labyrinth of the field of colored cubes. Your mission is to drive your ship to avoid all the cubes and run as far as possible.

Remember that after a smooth introduction, the speed of your ship will increase gradually. This means that you will have to have ultra-fast reflexes to avoid all obstacles. Only one obstacle if you hit, you will lose immediately. And of course, the further you can go, the more points you will get.

How to play CubeField

As mentioned above, it's a very, very simple game. To control this game, simply use the left or right arrow keys to move your ship to the left or right and avoid any obstacles on the way.

To pause or hiatus the game, just press the P button.

Tips and tricks from Cube Field

You can press P to pause the game and determine the next direction for your ship.

Try to drive your ship out of the tangled labyrinth of the cube, you will be on a great road without obstacles in seconds.

Where to play unlocked Cube Field

It's really an excellent game. However, you cannot play this game in your school, your office, your restaurant... because these areas block the game.

To eliminate boredom, it is important to try challenging games. Cubefield is one of the most entertaining games that allow players to test navigational skills in the cockpit of a spaceship. It allows the player to fly the spaceship in a very dangerous field. So stay alert and play cubefield without unlocking whenever you want. The cool game is available online for free and is unlocked in many schools, which means it's easy to access, even at work. Cubefield is a flash game; filled with attractive colors and an amazing game strategy. Learn more about the Cubefield Unblocked game for unlimited fun.

Cubefield Unblocked

Cube field Unblocked is an addictive but simple game. The player must use simple left and right controls to steer the spacecraft into the virtual field of solid colored cubes. The speed continues to increase as the player advances in cubefield. The player must hang longer to get a high score after moving away from a variety of entertainment. The main purpose of the game is to stay away from shady forms and test the responsiveness of management.

Cubefield is ranked as the arcade game and is known as the best online multiplayer game to play at school. It is a success and one of the famous games among the players. If your office or school has blocked to enjoy games at a time of free time, you simply do not have to worry because the unblocked cubefield game is available online for free. You can play online whenever and wherever you want. It consists of various incredible modes and allows you to compete with players around the world.

The fun starts with a simple interface and it will be a test mode. The simple interface will not stay long, as problems begin to appear and the game becomes more difficult as the player moves forward. The shapes in cubefield keep changing and will become unpredictable with speed. The cube field consists of several levels and indefinite illustrations. It is best to improve the ability to focus and persist. So, stay smart in the long run.

Are you efficient enough to keep your spaceship out of the blocks in the field? The 3D fun will certainly be great. It's a good option to play Cubefield to cool off after a boring conference or office meeting, as it offers amazing music, stunning 3D artwork, and fast gameplay. Simply upgrade your abilities by directing the spaceship in the cubefield without unlocking. Survive and race as much as you can. The unblocked version of the Cube field can be enjoyed free at school.


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